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Match Waiver

In consideration of permission to participate in this event, I do hereby release indemnify, and forgive Atlanta3Gun (and all subsidiaries Atlanta Practical Shooters {APS}, FN, and Area 6 {A6}) , their owners, directors, agents, members, tournament officials, officers, employees, and servants, and any other contributor, sponsor, or affiliate from any and all liability which might arise from any loss, damage, injuries, or death which I may sustain, and any theft, unexplained disappearance, or damage which may befall any of my property including vehicles rented or owned, while en-route to, during, or departing this event.

I further assume all responsibility for any guest that I may bring, and acknowledge that they are covered under the terms above.

I acknowledge that I am over the age of eighteen (18), or will be accompanied to the match by an adult over 18 with a letter from a parent or legal guardian granting permission for participation, and naming any non-family adult accompanying me.  In the case of acting as legal guardian for multiple juniors, I will provide a guardianship letter for each junior.  I certify that I have previously participated in competitive shooting matches, (and if not, that I will identify myself to match organizers so I may be briefed on safety procedures and be paired with an experienced competitor to act as mentor for the day.) I certify that I am aware of the risks and hazards inherent upon such events, including, but not limited to, accidental discharge of firearms (and damage caused, up to and including physical injury and death) and loss of property through misplacement or theft.

I voluntarily assume all such risks.

Participation Agreement

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the posted rules of USPSA competitive shooting, and I acknowledge the right of tournament sponsors to terminate my participation immediately upon any failure of mine or of my guests to comply with all the rules, regulations, and directions of the match or tournament officials.

I further state that I have read the foregoing participation Waiver and release and freely enter into it on behalf of myself and my distributes, heirs, next of kin, executors, and administrators.

By submitting this application to compete in this event I further grant permission to use any photographs taken of me during competition in its promotional literature, advertising, and websites. WE WILL NOT PHOTOGRAPH OR VIDEO ANYONE THAT REQUESTS NOT TO BE, BECAUSE OF JOB OR CAREER CONCERN.

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